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The service provided through the website

The Website offers you a price comparison service whereby you can furnish Web Design Quoter with your necessities and individual data so Web Design Quoter can put its partners inside its system in contact with you to offer you aggressive quotations.

Web Design Quoter does not act as a broker; Web Design Quoter forwards the data you furnish us to our web design partners so that they can get in touch with you with a view to you signing an agreement with them for the arrangement of services. Web Design Quoter accepts no accountability or risk for any of the services given by our design partners as specified on the website.

Should you choose to delegate any organization to perform work for you following receipt of a citation, the authoritative relationship for such work will be specifically amongst you and the pertinent organization. Web Design Quoter has no legally binding association, and won’t be subject in contract or generally for the items and services that are given to you by these organizations; these terms and conditions and going with privacy statement are the degrees of the contractual agreement between Web Design Quoter and you.

Web Design Quoter has assured to use reasonable resources in order to assure the contents on this Website is accurate and complete, but these contents should not be taken and relied upon as professional or legal advice.

Please note that our design partners make every effort to provide you with the most accurate quotes judging by the information provided by you but these quotes are not binding in any sense. In order to make sure you get the most competitive and accurate quotations from our design partners, it is essential for you to furnish us with the accurate information about your information detail needed to contact you for your requirements. Any incorrect or false information provided to us can lead to the generation of incorrect quotations that may not be useful for your services and may also be irrelevant to your request.

Web Design Quoter possesses the authority, in its sole discretion, to end your access to the Website and its related service, this may happen any time and without any prior notice. In addition Web Design Quoter provides no guarantee that any content on the website or the whole website will be always available and will not face any interruptions.

The grant of access to this website is solely permitted by Web Design Quoter on a non-permanent basis. Web Design Quoter reserves all right to withdraw, suspend or discontinue any part of the website without generating prior notice. Web Design Quoter cannot be held liable in any way whatsoever if the service to the website is not available for any given period at any given time.

The terms of this agreement will always be applicable every time you are using this Website, as there may be modifications in it from time to time.

Modification of these terms of use

Web Design Quoter has every right to change these terms and conditions under which it offers its service on the website at any given time. It is recommended by Web Design Quoter that our users should regularly check and review the terms and conditions along with our privacy statement in order to know about any changes that might have been introduced in the recent time.

Intellectual property rights

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Intellectual property rights except as provided above includes, without any limitation all trademarks, rlogos, domain names, rights in know-how,design rights, invention and patent rights( unregistered or unregistered which includes the right to register for future patenting) and other industrial or intellectual property rights which can fall in any jurisdiction belonging to any content, information, data, materials or processes inbuilt or underlying www.webdesignquoter.com that is owned, licensed or provided through Web Design Quoter. Web Design Quoter and its partners reserve all the rights of its industrial or intellectual property.

Links to third party sites

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Linking to our website

You have the right to link to our Website, but it should be ensured that you do it in a legal and fair way without disrupting our reputation and you should not take any advantage of it.

You are not allowed to link our website which suggests any form of approval, endorsement or association on the part of Web Design Quoter when there is none existing.

You are also not allowed to establish a link between our website and any other Website which is not operated and owned by you.

You are not allowed to link to any part of Web Design Quoter to any other Website other than its home page. The Website also must not be framed on any other website.

Web Design Quoter reserves every right to revoke without any prior notice, the permission it has granted to you to link the website to other websites.

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No unlawful or prohibited use

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Viruses and Harmful E-Bugs

It is not guaranteed in any way by Web Design Quoter that our website will not be affected by viruses or bugs.

A user is solely responsible in the configuration of their computer programmes, information technology and the platform he uses in order to open this Website. A user is recommended to install his own virus defence software.

A user is not allowed and must not use the Website intentionally trying to infect the websites with worms, trojans, logic bombs, viruses or any other potentially dangerous and malicious software. You are not allowed to gain any access which is unauthorized by the website, the server on which the website is hosted, or any other servers which is connected to the database or computer of our Website. You must not try to launch any attack on the website through a distributed denial of service attack or a denial of service attack. If you breach this term by any means, you would be liable to held and tried under the Computer Misuse Act of 1990. Web Design Quoter will in every possibility report any such incident to any concerned and relevant authority who are designated for the enforcement of the law and Web Design Quoter is bound to co-operate with those law bodies and will disclose your identity and details to them. If you are engaged in the breach of any of these terms we will cease your access to the website by immediately disabling your account and terminate your right to use the website.

Limitation of liability

You are advised to please read and understand the given information as there are some exclusion and limitations to the liability Web Design Quoter owes to you.

Nothing in these terms of utilization prohibits or confines Web Design Quoter ‘s risk for death or individual damage caused due to our carelessness, or Web Design Quoter ‘s fraudulent misrepresentation or false distortion, or whatever other obligation that can’t be avoided or constrained by English or Welsh law.

Without limitations allowed by the law, Web Design Quoter prohibits all conditions, guarantees, portrayals or different terms which may apply to the Website or any other material on it, regardless of whether expressed or inferred.

Web Design Quoter cannot be held responsible for any damage or loss to any user which arises due to contract, negligence, breach of state specified duty or otherwise, even if it can be foreseen, arising in a situation related with:

  • The utilization or the inability of utilizing the website; or
  • use of or dependence on any substance showed on the Website
  • For a business user, they should be aware in particular that, Web Design Quoter cannot be held accountable for
  • loss of profits, deals, business, or the generated revenue
  • Interruption of your business.
  • Any loss of foreseen savings;
  • Loss of any reputation, business opportunity and goodwill
  • Any damage or loss caused indirectly or consequentially.

Please take note that Web Design Quoter is only here to provide the Website for, if you are a single user or a domestic consumer or if you are an organization which only asks for service relevant to the pertaining business only. You in every term agree that you will not use the website and any of its content for a commercial goal.

Web Design Quoter cannot be held accountable for any damage or harm caused by a distributed denial of service attack, a virus or any other potentially malicious material that can infect your computer programs, equipment, data or any other intellectual proprietary content due to the use of this Website this includes if you download any materials from the website or any other linked websites.

General Terms

The privacy statement accompanied by these terms and conditions falls into the Jurisdiction and is governed by the law of England and Wales. When you use this website and agree to the terms and conditions, you give your full consent to settle any dispute that may arise when using this website in the venue of courts in Wales and England only.

The utilization of the website and its resources is deemed unauthorised in any jurisdiction that do not follow all the points of these terms and conditions, including without the exclusion of this paragraph.

By using this website you are agreeing that no partnership, join partnership, agency or employment relationship is there between Web Design Quoter and You and as a result of the terms and conditions which pertains to the use of this website.

If you any segment of these terms and conditions is proclaimed invalid or unenforceable compliance to the pertained law which includes but is not limited to, the liability limitations which is specified above, any invalid or unenforceable provision, will be considered if it superseded by an enforceable provision which is valid and that most nearly coordinates the plan of the original arrangement and the rest of the agreement that might proceed to continue.


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